1/5 accessories and tuning


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  • 1/5 front bumper
  • 1/5 conversion kits

    The permanent advancement of the chassis is very important for competition successes. In addition, the adjustment to new tire generations and other conditions are considered thereby.

    Here you find the conversion kits, in order to bring existing chassis up to date to the newest technology.

  • 1/5 Bodies

    The bodies consist of several parts and are made of transparent polycarbonate. For painting lexan-colours are recommended. These are available in every specialist store. The bodies are painted from inside.

  • 1/5 brakes

    The better motors, chassis and tyres lead to continuously increasing speed of the cars. The hydraulic brakes have been developed in order to handle this power. The stable and constant braking effect is also an advantage in competition.

  • 1/5 Differentials
  • 1/5 dampers
  • 1/5 HRP tuning motors

    The engines of H.A.R.M. Racing Power series are revised uncompromising competition motors

    for high performance in terms of power and driveability .

    Now also available with 26ccm! The ultimate motor for Formula 1 chassis!

  • 1/5 Motor spare and...
  • 1/5 pipes
  • 1/5 Clutch
  • 1/5 airbox/air filter
  • 1/5 E-Drive accessories

    In this category you will find all the parts that are recommended for the successful operation of 1/5 models with electric drive.

    Especially for the electric on-road chassis, a precise tuning of the used components is very important.

    The parts offered by us are used successfully in practice.

    Gladly we are available for your questions about the correct equipment of the chassis.

    Please note our set offers!

  • RC-installation